Multi-colour processing with ALLROUNDERs

In the field of multi-component processing either different plastic components or different colours of one plastic material can be processed on a single machine. The latter case is known as multi-colour processing.
From as early as the beginning of the 1960s ARBURG played a significant role in shaping the development of multi component or multi-colour processing respectively. At this time, there was a demand for robust parts made from two components, which could also be produced efficiently. The first prototype – a typewriter key with the company logo – was produced in 1961 using automated multi-colour processing. In 1963 ARBURG premiered its first two-colour machine.
The technology for producing two-component moulded parts has remained the same since its early days. Improvements, however, have permitted the production of high-quality parts in large production runs and also the use of three or even four injection units for the automatic production of parts in a single operation.
Further information about ARBURG in the field of multi-component processing is available here...

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