Multi-component processing with ALLROUNDERs

Multi-components processingIn the multi-component processing sector, ARBURG is one of the pioneering companies who have played a significant role in shaping its development since the beginning of the 1960s. The company has therefore been involved in this area for more than forty years. Multi-component processing is still a current issue as new applications are continually arising, largely due to developments in the material and mould sector.
An interesting application from the field of multi-component processing is the colour-sorted injection moulding of toothbrushes on a special five-component machine. Toothbrushes with a coloured soft-touch finish are produced as hard-soft combinations with four colour versions of the soft component. The body made from PP can be combined with four different TPE colour surfaces in a single production step, so that the moulded parts, produced by means of multi-component processing and pre-sorted according to colour, can be further processed and then packaged.

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